About Us

TVS was founded in 1999, with the aim of becoming a leading provider and integrator of telecommunication and fuel management solutions. Enjoying rapid growth through innovative solutions, the company expand­ed its operations into Africa, and diversified its offerings to become the multidisciplinary technology firm that it is today.

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers have brought many global technologies into the African market, and our solutions can be customised for the most challenging environments. What’s more, we’re supported by our highly dependable teams in procurement, logistics, manpower, after-sales support, as well as our training services.

Our core values

We’re able to deliver exceptional results to our clients thanks to our five core values: 

  • We build relationships. Constant communication with our customers means we’re able to provide the highest possible levels of service.
  • We’ve got integrity and commitment. We deliver on our promises and build business relationships based on trust.
  • We think differently. We use creativity and innovation to solve your particular problem and get it right – the first time.
  • We offer the latest technologies and unmatched service, giving you the competitive edge.
  • Corporate social responsibility. We’re committed to equal opportunity, fair trade and environmental responsibility. We believe that the true measure of a company is not just what it does for its shareholders and clients, but how it addresses the needs of all other stakeholders within the environment.

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