Fuel Stations

Looking to build a petrol station, or overhaul an existing one? As a specialist forecourt contractor, we offer an extensive range of fuel station construction services, from project co-ordination to construction and maintenance of new or existing stations.

Our retail fuel stations range from one to multiple islands, including c-stores, supermarkets, restaurants, car wash bays and other service facilities. You can also choose various prefabricated elements that make deployment and delivery easy – so you can build your site in even the most challenging of environments.

Retail Petrol Stations

We design and build full turnkey retail fuel stations, including all below-ground and above-ground works. Our services include:

Design and site build

Civil works and general construction

Underground tanks

Pump & Tank

Pipe reticulation

Electrical work




Car wash facilities

Home Base Fuel Stations

Our home base fuel stations are scalable and modular, allowing for industry specific solutions including:

Enhanced security

RFID vehicle identification

High flow rate pumps

Large scale tanks

Fuel depot management

Fleet control

Modular Low Cost Fuel Stations

Developed by us, this low-cost, kit-format petrol station is the ideal solution for remote sites and has the following features:

A scalable and modular system that’s easy to install

Rapid deployment

Kit format

Custom branding

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